Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Five Exterior Renovations that Provide the Best Return on Investment


Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 13 September 2015 9:35 am
A beat-up garage door can make your whole house look bad and keep buyers from looking further. Spend $1,595—the national average cost of a garage door replacement—and you'll get a return of $1,410, or 88.4 percent. Don't have a garage? According to the report, you can add one for $52,382, which returns $33,938 or 64.8 percent.

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Adding character to homes can warm them up and make them more desirable, but few of these projects rank high when it comes to paying you back. As a newbie to the report, manufactured stone veneer was the exception, and it didn't just show up—it made an impression. "It joined Cost vs. Value with a splash, ranking second among all projects with a cost-value return of 92.2%," they said. "The only project that beat it was for a replacement steel entry door."

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Speaking of that steel entry door…it tops the Cost vs. Value report for the second year in a row and was even better than last year's number with a "cost recouped of 101.8%," they said. "The cost-value ratio expresses resale value as a percentage of construction cost. When cost and value are equal, the ratio is 100%; when cost is higher than value, the ratio is less than 100%; when value is higher than cost, the ratio exceeds 100%. That means the replacement steel entry door is the only project that, on a national basis, more than pays back its investment in the form of a better home resale price."

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More "outdoor living trend" than "curb appeal improvement," a deck addition can be a smart choice for those looking to sell quickly and also for those who are looking to get some enjoyment out of their home now. Spending $10,048 can pay back $8,085 or 80.5 percent.

A $12,013 investment in new siding might not sound exciting, but it may help get your home sold. Not many buyers are going to be excited about checking out your home if the siding is warped, cracked, or peeling. The good news is you'll recoup 80.7 percent or $9,694, making this a good place to put your renovation dollars.

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  1. I wonder why adding a steel entry door has such a good ROI? I would think that would be something most people wouldn't even really notice. Regardless, hiring Alberta exterior renovators to do some last minute exterior renovations is always a good idea when you're trying to sell a house!