Thursday, July 2, 2015

Residences of Presidents: How Much Would They Cost Today?

To celebrate Independence Day, Trulia researched pricing on the historic homes of 8 former U.S. presidents.

White picket fences, grassy green front yards, owning your own slice of the pie — when you think about it, the American Dream is all about real estate. This Independence Day, we’re celebrating the places that some of our most influential presidents, from George Washington to Teddy Roosevelt, once called home.
Today, the National Park Service or presidential historical societies manage most of these homes, but when they were owned by our former commanders in chief, these grand estates played host to swanky parties, intimate family celebrations — and no doubt important conversations.
To find out how much these presidential homes would be worth if they hit the market today, Trulia compared these eight stately residences with like-sized homes currently on the market.
Massive amounts of historical significance? Priceless.

Source: Trulia Tips


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